Raising a Family with a Chef – The Toddler Years

You made it through pregnancy and having an infant.  You were so excited for the baby’s first steps, and then realized how much your life changed because of those steps!

Have you ever wished you had the energy of  Toddler?  They seem to NEVER sit still.  This phase of life was a big change for us from the infant stage, especially for my chef/husband. (more…)

Raising a Family with a Chef – The Infant Phase

So you made it through pregnancy.  All your fears of your chef/husband not being able to make it to the hospital for the baby’s delivery were unnecessary as he was there in plenty of time. 🙂

But now you have this sweet little baby and your chef/husband is back to work, working a billion hours a week (OK, not that many, but it sure seems like it).  You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely and some days really, really, really, wish you had another adult to talk to.  Raising a family with a chef isn’t easy.


Raising a Family with a Chef

I’ll be honest.  This is by far the hardest topic I’ve written about on this blog yet.  I always knew there would be a time to talk about it, but honestly, when you’re in the middle of a struggle or trial, writing about it and sharing about it with the world is the last thing you want to do.

Yet, here I am.  About to spill my guts about what it’s like to parent alongside a chef.  It’s not easy.

Parenting is a trillion times harder than I EVER thought it would be.

It’s very rewarding and I love being a Mom.  But WOW!  It’s not easy!


A Day in the Life of a Chef Wife – April 2015

Every month on the 10th day, I grab my camera and capture my day as a chef wife with 10 pictures.  Most days my husband is not in the pictures because (big surprise) he’s at work.  This month, while he was gone for most of the day, the day still revolved around him.  It was his last day of work for his company.  (More details on that here in my newsletter last week.  If you are not signed up for those, you can do so here!) (more…)