Carrying the Burdens of a Stressful Job

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We all know that chefs have a very stressful job.  Many times, the to-do list is far longer than anything that could actually be accomplished in a 24 hour day or the 168 hours in a week, even if he worked non-stop.

After being married for 18 ½ years, I can see this burden on my husband without him saying a word. I can see it toward the end of his day off as he starts thinking about all he needs to do the next day.  I can hear it in his voice when I call him at 5:45 am as he’s already on his way into work.  I have even seen the to-do list in Outlook.  It’s not pretty.

As I sit here in the quiet house before the girls get up, it’s hard not to worry about him and wonder how he’s doing and how he’s going to get everything done.

I know he’ll be fine.  Somehow he’ll find a way to get everything done and it will be done well.  But it’s not going to be easy.  It never is.

It makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.  I have this aching feeling in my heart, which I know is not really possible, but somehow it’s there.

So in the quiet of the morning, with an aching heart for my sweet husband, how do I carry this burden for him?  I pray.  I pray that God will continue to bless him in his job.  I pray that he will have a productive day and be able to get as much accomplished as possible.  I pray that he will not be overwhelmed and will be able to tackle one thing at a time.

Then I send a text.  (Have I mentioned how much I love being able to communicate with my chef/husband this way?)

“I know your to-do list is longer than something that can be accomplished with all the hours in the day.  Praying that you can take the items 1 at a time and not be too overwhelmed. 1 Peter 5:7 . . . casting all your cares on Him for He cares for you.”

I’m not sure when he’ll see this message.  I’m guessing he’s either still driving or sitting in a Starbucks or his office working.  But whenever he does see it, I pray it will be an encouragement to him.

As my day begins, the kids get up and the craziness, I mean calm, morning will continue.  I know I will continue to think about him.  My day, while very busy, is nothing like his.  I will continue to pray and will probably send a few more texts later in the day just to check in.  I wish I could help ease this burden, but it probably would not be very helpful for me to write recipes for a new menu . . .

As your read this, I encourage you to stop and pray for your husband/significant other. 

I can wait.  🙂

I know many of you can relate.  I would love the chance to pray for you and your husband/significant other as well.  Please feel free at any time to send me a message.  Seriously.  I’m not just saying that.  While my day is busy, I am never too busy to stop and pray, even for someone I have never met on the other side of the world!

So to all of you reading who are somehow connected to a chef, how do you handle these burdens?  How do you encourage your chef/husband throughout the day?  Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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