Family Menu Tasting

For the past couple months, my chef/husband has been working on menu development for a couple other restaurants in his company.  (This has been on top of his Executive Chef position . . . hmmmm . . .)

So the other day after the girls got off the bus, my husband tells us that one of the restaurants is rolling our part of the new menu that evening and asks us if we wanted to go try it.

The first response from our 9 year old – “Do we get to get dressed up in fancy dresses?”

She’s only 9.  We’re in trouble.

Sure why not.

Like I’ve said before, we don’t go out to eat very often.  And this evening would definitely feel like work for my chef/husband since it was his recipes we’d be eating.

But feeling like work or not, he suggested it so we were going.

All you have to do is mention going out to eat at a restaurant where Daddy has something to do with the food and the girls are excited!

15 minutes later, 3 girls in fancy dresses with cute hair and Mom and Dad in jeans and shorts (we like to be comfortable) piled in the car and off we went to dinner. (more…)

Dining Out as a Chef’s Family

Dining Out as a Chef's FamilyI’m not sure about other chef families but we rarely eat out.

I feel funny saying that as I know that the restaurant industry is what pays our bills.  But yes, our family rarely eats out in a restaurant.

So why is it that we rarely eat out?

Really there are several reasons.

I’ve been debating about answering that question or even writing this post as I’m afraid being married to a chef might have made me a bit of a food snob. 

But with that being said, here’s the truth . . .

First – I’m married to a chef (obviously.)  Whatever we eat in a restaurant, he can make at home (and it’s usually better.) 

I also think that when we take our family out to dinner, the food should taste good.

I can’t believe I just said that. (more…)