Day 8 – Don’t Compare Your Family to Others (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

One of the things I’ve always struggled with being married to a chef, is not comparing our relationship or our family to others, especially to those who have a more traditional work schedule (home in the evenings and on weekends.)

12 days of encouragement for the chefs familyQuick tangent on that . . . is there really a job that is 9-5 (or somewhere close) any more?  Out of all my friends, I only have a handful whose husbands work a traditional schedule like that.  All the others are working one or more jobs with different hours, just like my chef/husband. (Although maybe not quite as many hours.)  OK, tangent over.

Comparing ourselves to others will only make us frustrated and upset.  Really.  What good is it going to do you?  Social media makes it so easy to see what everyone is doing all the time!  (more…)

Day 7 – The Paycheck (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

Today, I encourage you to think about your chef’s paycheck.

Don’t laugh.  Really.  Think about it.

 12 days of encouragement for the chefs familyDon’t think about it and get frustrated about how much he makes or get angry that a server walked out the door last night making more than the Executive Chef.

Be thankful that there is a paycheck.

I know many people who are out of jobs and have been struggling to find one for quite some time.

Even though the hours stink (especially in December), it’s a job that they enjoy, and it provides in some way for your family.

I might not be too thrilled with my chef/husband’s job this month because of the longer hours, but if he was without that job, we’d be living in a tent in my in-laws backyard because we had no money.

So stinky holiday hours or not, I’m thankful for his job and paycheck (and our nice warm house). (more…)

Day 6 – Remember Your Chef Misses You Too (12 Days of Encouragement for the Chef’s Family)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a pretty selfish person.  Many times I get wrapped up in what I’m thinking about or struggling with, that I forget to listen and look at what’s going on around me.

A perfect example of this is the Christmas season and my chef/husband.

So often I start to feel sorry for myself or for the girls because of the hours Tom is working at the restaurant, that I forget to think about him.

Well, I think about him and how I wish he could be around more, but I forget that he wishes he could be around more too.

I forget that he misses us as much as we miss him. (more…)

Day 5 – Remember the Reason for the Season (12 Days of Encouragement of the Chef’s Family)

Christmas time is busy, not only for our chefs in the restaurant, but for us at home and work.

As the calendar starts to fill up, it’s hard to not get sucked up into all the commercialism and craziness of the season!12 days of encouragement for the chefs family

For our family, Christmas is not about presents and Santa.  It’s not about Christmas lights and candy canes.  While we do celebrate these things with our children, I never want them (or us) to lose sight of the real reason for the Christmas season – the birth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

As the girls and I shop for gifts for others, I love talking with them about the greatest gift of all, one we did not deserve nor could ever earn.  Every day, I’m humbled that God would chose to send His Son to be the Savior of a world, full of sinners like me.  (You can read more about this over here.)