Why Do I Stress Out About New Menu Roll-Outs?


That’s me on a new menu roll-out day.

Fortunately, that’s not my very well organized chef/hubby today.  He’s calm.

But me…


Can anyone else relate?

Things always go well.  He’s always done everything he needs to do.  But I still feel stressed just thinking about all the changes that are currently going on for him and his restaurant group.  (Even as I type this I feel like I need to take a deep breath.)  I think it’s because that despite being married to a chef for 21 years, I have never worked one minute in a restaurant.  It’s all I can do to successfully meal plan and shop for our family of 5.  So I just can’t imagine how it all works.

Part of my stress this time is that they also rolled out a new website today to go along with the new menu (and new on-line ordering system and new POS system…lots of new happening today.)  I did the website and hit a small blip after I transferred it.  It was resolved before they opened today and wasn’t a big deal, but that added to the stress that I felt, knowing what a big deal today is for his company.

Does anyone else worry about their chefs on big days like this?  Please comment below and tell me I’m not alone!

From one Chef’s Wife to another,