How to Not Read Into Your Chef’s Mood

I wish I could say I have figured out the whole “How to not read something into your chef’s mood and emotions” thing…but I haven’t.  🙁

22 years…we’ve been married for 22 years…yet I still tend to think he’s mad at me or that I’ve done something wrong when he’s stressed and in a not so wonderful mood.

I am embarassed to say that it happened again yesterday.  It hadn’t been the greatest day for our family and last night Iasked him if I had done something that annoyed him or if he was upset with me about something.

He responded by reminding me that he’s a very upfront person and that if something is wrong, he would tell me.  He also reminded me that he didn’t feel well, was tired and had a lot on his mind from work.  (Oh, and we have 3 kids, remember?)  So no, I hadn’t done anything.

WHY do I always think it’s me?  I knew he wasn’t feeling good.  I knew he had a lot on his mind.  I knew he was really tired.  I knew we were both frustrated with some things with the kids.

Why can’t that just be what’s wrong?

Why do I create this other problem and worry that I’ve done something?  

I have no idea.

But last night was a GOOD REMINDER to not read things into my huband’s mood/emotions when he is exhausted from work.

So to answer the title of this post, “How to not read into your chef’s mood”….DON’T DO IT!  JUST DON’T.  Remember THEY ARE TIRED A LOT.  IT’S HARD TO LEAVE THEIR JOB AT WORK AND ITS ON THIER MINDS A LOT.  Just because they are quiet and stressed, doesn’t mean you did anything to tick them off.

Just thought I’d jot that down in case anyone else needed the reminder like I did.

Please comment below if you can relate and feel free to share suggestions!

From one chef’s wife to another,