How to Not Read Into Your Chef’s Mood

I wish I could say I have figured out the whole “How to not read something into your chef’s mood and emotions” thing…but I haven’t.¬† ūüôĀ

22 years…we’ve been married for 22 years…yet I still tend to think he’s mad at me or that I’ve done something wrong when he’s stressed and in a not so wonderful mood.

I am embarassed to say that it happened again yesterday.¬† It hadn’t been the greatest day for our family and last night Iasked him if I had done something that annoyed him or if he was upset with me about something.

He responded by reminding me that he’s a very upfront person and that if something is wrong, he would tell me.¬† He also reminded me that he didn’t feel well, was tired and had a lot on his mind from work.¬† (Oh, and we have 3 kids, remember?)¬† So no, I hadn’t done anything.

WHY do I always think it’s me?¬† I knew he wasn’t feeling good.¬† I knew he had a lot on his mind.¬† I knew he was really tired.¬† I knew we were both frustrated with some things with the kids.

Why can’t that just be what’s wrong?

Why do I create this other problem and worry that I’ve done something?¬†¬†

I have no idea.

But last night was a GOOD REMINDER to not read things into my huband’s mood/emotions when he is exhausted from work.

So to answer the title of this post, “How to not read into your chef’s mood”….DON’T DO IT!¬† JUST DON’T.¬† Remember THEY ARE TIRED A LOT.¬† IT’S HARD TO LEAVE THEIR JOB AT WORK AND ITS ON THIER MINDS A LOT.¬† Just because they are quiet and stressed, doesn’t mean you did anything to tick them off.

Just thought I’d jot that down in case anyone else needed the reminder like I did.

Please comment below if you can relate and feel free to share suggestions!

From one chef’s wife to another,