The Heirloom Foundation

It’s not a surprise to any of us that substance abuse is a problem in the restaurant industry.  It’s not a subject that anyone likes to talk about.  But a few months ago, I heard about The Heirloom Foundation, a non-profit organization, that is trying to get some dialog going about this very subject!

Heirloom LogoThe Heirloom Foundation is a non-profit organization that, “Brings culinary professionals together to raise awareness and funds for substance abuse prevention programming in the communities where we work.”  They partner with chefs and other professionals in the restaurant industry and give grants to fund substance abuse prevention programs.

I know many of our chefs and the restaurants they work for give back to the community, but this organization is working with chefs to give back in their own industry by educating the community to help fight against the substance abuse problem for the next generation of chefs and restaurant employees.

For more information about this organization, you can contact fellow chef wife Sarah Ory or you can go to their website.  Their website includes how to apply for a grant and also how to partner with them.  (I know some of you are not only married to or dating a chef, but also own a restaurant as well.  If that’s you, make sure to check out their Partner page for more details.)

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